Aqua cleaner

One of the competitions of Robotics Olympiad is Aqua cleaner which uses Aquana – a water robot. It is an innovative boat shaped design with all the basic aesthetics and can move in all directions. It is one of the vast unexplored field of robotics.

Aquana will be used to clean the water pool by collecting different materials, which need to be brought to one collection centre using any static or dynamic mechanism in front of the Aquana. Flexibility offered for customization.

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.”
Colin Powell.

In a competition not everyone can be on the top, so that is not the biggest factor that will influence success, it is the competitive spirit and the willingness to achieve. Through this competition they will not only learn about aquatic robots but also about its various applications we see in our day to day lives. To name a few would be applications of water robots in commercial, sports sector and opens wide area of opportunities as most part of our world is water.

Aqua robotics is particularly well suited for underwater applications such as reef or pipeline inspection, fish stock surveillance, marine life observation and environmental disaster assessment.

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