Aerial robotics

In 1990, the term “Aerial Robotics” was coined by Robert Michelson to describe a new class of small highly intelligent flying machines. The successive years saw these robots grow in their capabilities from vehicles that could barely maintain themselves in air to the most recent self stable, self-navigating automatons (one of the terms for autonomous flying Robots) which are also capable of interacting with the environment especially objects on the ground.

Flying opens new opportunities to robotically perform services such as search & rescue, observation, mapping and inspection. There has been a substantial increase in interest in Aerial robots. One of the most innovative & common application is the quad-copter viewed by one and all in “3 Idiots”. The designed Aerial robot was meant to be used in traffic surveillance. Aerial robots address key areas such as unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) designs, autonomous missions and multi-vehicle co-ordination.

Aerial Robotics is a course offered by EDUPRIME. The purpose of introducing Aerial Robotics is to identify the technologies and technical approaches to advance in the field of Aerial Robotics. EDUPRIME encourages learning in Aerial Robotics with various means such as conferences, workshops, publications and online courses to disseminate knowledge. We also promote complimentary disciplinary courses such as aerodynamics.

We believe to serve the passion of learning Aerial Robotics with all our available resources and bringing about a transformation in the field of Aerial Robotics.

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