Terrestrial Robotics

Etymologically, the word terrestrial refers to objects related to land or the planet Earth. These are majorly substances or creatures that live on land as opposed to an aquatic or an arboreal habitat.

Terrestrial robotics refers to ground robotics. It indicates that field of robotics where the robot is made to perform a task on terrestrial arena. Terrestrial robotics is aimed at introducing automation in fields which can replace humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes.

Techno Gravity Solutions has designed a product called MYRA. It is a very effective prototype for introducing root level robotic concepts. It is a make and break design which can be assembled in different configurations. Each different configuration teaches new concepts on designing & manoeuvring.

EDUPRIME offers an opportunity to have a glimpse in the world of Robotics. EDUPRIME introduces such wired terrestrial robot in its various Robotics courses & workshops. The content is shared with optimum hours of training on the same. This is to ensure that the students are acquainted with atomic details of the project and hence provides an early opportunity to excel over the technical aspects.

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