F1 Rickshaw

Etymologically, “Terra” is the root word – Latin for “earth” or “land”. Hence terrestrial refers to land or of earth. Terrestrial robotics refers to creating autonomous machines which can replace humans in humdrum and monotonous tasks. Terrestrial robotics is a major breakthrough in automobile and mining industries. Terrestrial robotics is the groundwork of robotics. It provides an insight to the advanced levels of aquatic and aerial robotics.

Robotics Olympiad 2014 introduces terrestrial robotic competitions at a national level. Terrestrial competitions are meant to provide revelation to robotics. The first terrestrial competition is F1 rickshaw. The students race their Myra’s against each other on F1 styled tracks in a unique way. The race will include a pit stop where each 4 wheeled car has to be transformed into a 3 wheeled automobile and continue the laps. The team with the best time wins the competition.

The competition is aimed at teaching level 1 wired robotics. It also exposes them to basic physics wherein they encounter an opportunity to learn forces, friction, torque and mechanical building of a prototype. Robotics Olympiad is a first ever competition which caters to hands on experience at national level. We wish to harness their competitive spirit to extract the best out of the juvenile minds of their nation.

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