Rescue robot

Robotics Olympiad 2014 presents Rescue Robot. The robot competition has a virtual-fire engulfed arena. It is in this scenario that the Myra comes to the rescue. Myra is equipped with a fire arm which rescues dummy humans from fire encroached areas.

The team which completes the task in the least amount of time wins the competition.
Such rescue robots help relief efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes and other disasters by navigating through wreckage that is too dangerous for people to enter and by gathering information on missing persons and the surrounding conditions. Recent years have seen rapid advances in the development of these robots. Myra is one of the many designs that have come forward for such uses in recent times.

The students will be well acquainted with the basics of designing. Besides they also learn life lessons such as teamwork and co-ordination. The key take away from the event will be strategy development, time management, healthy competitive spirit and an opportunity to be a part of the first ever national robotic competition for schools.

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