In the 21st century, the advancement of the technology has bought forth Humanoids which are exciting and innovative. It is not only fantasy or just for entertainment purpose anymore but it will help human race in the long run and will change the way the entire world operates.

One of the competitions in Robotics Olympiad is Wrestle-O-Bot. In this competition 2 Hunos face each other in a wrestling ring to try and overpower each other. Every game will have few rounds of play and gets complex as the competition progresses. Points will be given to each participant as per the rules.

The major sectors of learning from this competition are visual based programming. It is a very good platform for beginners to programming. The kids can learn through a simple GUI. Besides, the kids can improve their analytical and build strategies to gain maximum points. The kids gain an opportunity to brainstorm over the attacking and defending techniques. The kids should learn how to observe, understand and then execute. Humanoid is a package which provides programming experience and life skills.

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