Eduprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Supports RO ‘14

Robotics Olympiad ’14 is being supported by Eduprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the inventors of PRIME curriculum for schools. PRIME is an educational model which integrates Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering.

The PRIME curriculum functions as a 7 level course that can be covered in 7 years or 5 years depending upon the school which teaches the student all aspects of robotics and helps them to take a step towards the technologically advanced India which is the vision behind this course. Eduprime also helps schools setup robotics labs known as PRIME labs and conducts robotics workshops too. The full training of the PRIME module is conducted by professional engineers with a full practical teaching system involving level-wise kits, manuals, presentations, games, interactive sessions, video tutorials and a lot more.

Eduprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was finalist at the IDA Awards 2013, under the category “Allied & Supportive Products / Solutions in Education” for our Innovation PRIME.

Eduprime is a diverse visionary plan which not only includes practical concept learning but also autonomy to learn & explore. The connection between all the subjects of PRIME helps in understanding individual subject in a profound manner with no stress of exams at all. Basically, it is a progressive learning methodology which has been started in schools.

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